Here you can find a few examples of things I've programmed.

This is a mobile game Puzzle Snakes I have developed and released on Android. Solo project. Original gameplay. Failed in terms of downloads, but a good showcase for some basic game programming, graphics and release.

Working but incomplete tower Defence game.

Level editor for that game.

"Gradient Map" editor, which is a tool for generating textures from the gradients that can be set in inspector. This way I can adjust colors of objects without external programs.

I have huge experience working with procedural meshes. This would be only a tiny example though. I made a script that combined meshes together to reduce draw calls, and allowed to move parts separately when necessary.

This one I'm pretty proud of even though it might not be clear from an outside perspective what is going on. This was made for a client. The system is breaking down the 3D scene into separate 2D sprites (one per box, or group of boxes). It then arranges sprites in a way that creates an accurate pseudo 3D environment. Perfect for a 2D adventure game, while game logic is done in 3D.

I'm currently developing an FPS showcase project with code examples. Coming soon.